Shaun King Attacks Philadelphia Eagles For Not Signing Kaepernick. The Eagles Respond By Slam Dunking Him.

Fake black man Shaun King picked a fight with the Philadelphia Eagles on Twitter and it backfired on him in a major way.

It started with King thinking that he found a gotcha moment for Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie when he tweeted that Lurie “wouldn’t hire Colin because of his anthem protest, but hired a white player who called black people ‘n*gger.'” King was referencing the Eagles signing wide receiver Riley Cooper a few years ago even though he was caught on camera saying the racial slur during a Kenny Chesney concert.

Then King really became triggered:

Dear @Eagles,

I fundamentally reject the deeply offensive way Jeffrey Lurie characterized Colin Kaepernick’s activism over this past year.

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) September 14, 2017

King proceeded issue a lengthy screed where he portrayed Kaepernick as some sort of social justice Superman for his various instances of activism.

Naturally, the Eagles took umbrage to King berating their owner for being reluctant to sign Kaepernick and proceeded to slam dunk King for unfairly characterizing Lurie’s stance:

@ShaunKing Your recent claims are entirely unfair and inaccurate. Here is the unedited transcript of what was said:

— Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) September 14, 2017


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