Latest Hate Crime Stats Show African Americans More Likely than Whites to Commit Hate Crimes

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker


You might have heard or read a story yesterday regarding the FBI’s release of 2016 Hate Crime Statistics.


Buried below the headlines in the report was this nugget:

In 2016, race was reported for 5,770 known hate crime offenders. Of these offenders:

  • 46.3 percent were White.
  • 26.1 percent were Black or African American.

According to US Census data for 2016, African Americans made up 13.3 percent and Whites made up 76.9 percent of the population respectively. If African Americans and Whites committed hate crimes at the same rate, you would have expected Whites to commit 5 times as many hate crimes as African Americans, and three quarters of all hate crimes would be attributed to White offenders. In reality, when you adjust for population, you find that African Americans are about 3.2 times more likely to commit a hate crime than a White.