Amazon’s Alexa Pushes Liberal Narrative that Trivializes Jesus Christ

A “Louder with Crowder” YouTube video exposes the friendly little bot, Alexa, as the latest soldier in the Left’s Social Justice war determined to trivialize Christianity and promote Islam.

When asked by Steven Crowder who Jesus Christ is, Amazon’s programmed information resource responds that He is a “fictional character.” The stunning claim is further explored as liberal bias when Crowder asks Alexa a series of questions regarding Islam.
When asked about Mohammed, Alexa provides opinions that he was a revered prophet who taught people how to live properly. When asked if Mohammed ever struck his wife Aisha, Alexa appears conveniently perplexed. Muslim texts point to the prophet striking his wife in the chest and causing her pain. When asked about Palestine and Jerusalem, Alexa gives purely geographical and political answers. The information leaves out the Christian and Jewish importance of Jerusalem as a holy site.
Crowder and his co-host go on the call out the inherent biases that Alexa demonstrates that include Antifa being a legitimate activist group and associating NAZIs with Right-wing politics rather than socialism. The ever-listening artificial intelligence resource also makes loose links of Pres. Trump to the Alt-right. Question after question indicate the device provides information one might expect originated from a liberal source.

See for yourself how Amazon is spreading their liberal agenda to the world through their information bot, Alexa, in the video below. You won’t believe what she has to say!

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