The War on Christmas Is Real, Alive and Well

President Trump promised to end the war on Christmas. He said he would make it ok for Americans to be Christian and celebrate their ultimate holiday. While he is keeping his promises, it’s ultimately not a war he can win. It’s up to us. The war on Christmas is still alive and well.

Here are just a handful of the most recent examples since Thanksgiving. It is only by maintaining awareness and facing the problem head on that we can play our part and help America regain its Christian roots.

New Hampshire Veteran

A veteran by the name of John Fletcher was dealt backlash recently. He and his wife organized a free Christmas celebration for kids in the area. He was handing out flyers when representatives of the school forced him to stop. They said he was violating school policy because the flyers had the word “Christmas” on them. It doesn’t matter that the event wasn’t school sponsored. It also didn’t matter that the school was clearly violating Fletcher’s 1st Amendment rights.

Instead, the rule of the left is that it is impossible for Christians to celebrate their most sacred holiday without it somehow infringing on the rights of others. It’s a ridiculous notion, but they have managed to push it on our society. Thankfully, Fletcher simply put a little whiteout on his flyers and then had the celebration anyway.


At the University of Central Florida, a professor, Terry Fine, is now promoting the use of the phrase “Happy Federal Holiday.” Apparently the liberal school has circled past the absurd and into the unfathomable. Forget “Merry Christmas” being offensive. Now “Happy Holidays” is an exclusive phrase because it lumps Christmas with other, liberally approved holidays.

It would be one thing if this was just an overbearing professor, but the university is seriously contemplating his advice. And the left tried to claim they don’t want the state above all else.

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