Conan O’Brien Claims Haiti is “Beautiful” After Visiting Luxury Tourist Resort Comedian Conan O’Brien tried to rebut President Trump’s claim that Haiti was a “sh*thole” but the joke ended up backfiring on him after it was revealed O’Brien had merely staged his photos from inside a luxury tourist resort.

“#Haiti is truly a beautiful country,” tweeted O’Brien alongside a picture of him in the ocean sipping from a coconut.

The comedian’s intention was obviously to imply that the rest of the country was just as idyllic as the scene in the photograph.

However, it was soon revealed that O’Brien had taken the images from inside the Wahoo Bay Beach Resort, a luxury bubble at which rooms cost $254 dollars a night, a whopping sum when you consider that most Haitians make little over $400 a year.


After it was confirmed that O’Brien was trying to pass off a luxury resort as a true representation of the entire country, hilarity ensued as respondents began photo-shopping him into images of what Haiti really looks like.

“Another delusional celeb who goes to a resort area DESIGNED to encompass the beauty of the land and sea in order to refute comments from someone he disagrees with and whose comments had nothing to do with the land & sea & civilians ; it’s about the insane poverty & corruption,” remarked one Twitter user.

“If you thought Conan and TBS would not be so shameless as to visit a tourist trap which reflects nothing of the island just to score political points against Trump, you were wrong,” commented Chris Menahan.

With his attempt to debunk Trump having failed miserably, O’Brien only succeeded in proving himself to be both duplicitous and completely out of touch with reality.


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