ABC’s The View Hosts Mock VP Mike Pence for Praying to Jesus Regularly

Since when did speaking to Jesus become a mental illness? According to Joy Behar of ABC’s The View, this mental illness occurs when our Christian elected officials — who just happen to be conservatives — indulge.

Did we say indulge? Yes, because according to Ms. Behar, speaking to Jesus is some sort of dangerous activity that opens you to being publicly mocked on national television. As shocking as this sounds, it’s only the beginning.

Conservative or Christian?

It makes you wonder: which of Vice President Mike Pence’s “titles” cause Ms. Behar the biggest problem: Conservative or Christian? Although ABC’s team at The View is quick to preach support and love for those with different proclivities such as gender dysphoria or LGBTQ, they are not as warm and loving towards those with more traditional belief systems. However, it does make you wonder: if Joy Behar and her crew had suddenly decided to mock a Muslim, would they have been supported by their liberal-leaning news station? Highly doubtful.

While ABC and other liberal communication outlets preach tolerance for all beliefs, what they really mean is that they’re tolerant of beliefs that are similar to theirs. This lack of understanding and skewed communication style is sending the country into a negative space that will be difficult if not impossible to overcome.

The attacks on conservative Christians are likely to continue, with figureheads such as Ms. Behar and her crew leading the way. As long as they continue to get great ratings and rake in the advertising money, ABC is likely to turn a blind eye to the damage being done by their dangerous rhetoric.

It’s a treacherous time to be a Christian or a conservative in the public limelight, just ask our much-maligned Vice President. Watch Ms. Behar’s words for yourself and decide if she went too far this time.

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