How the Trump Administration is Protecting Healthcare Workers’ Religious Liberty

Donald Trump has done more for the rights of Christians in America (and around the world) than the past five presidential administrations combined. No one saw that coming! In his latest efforts, the President has now created a new office that specifically safeguards the rights of healthcare workers. More on this in a moment.

Many Americans don’t even realize that this Christian renaissance is happening thanks to the Trump administration, quietly, behind the scenes. The media will not report on it and even many conservative websites are uncomfortable with some of the president’s moves to strengthen the church, because they simply have never seen a Republican that did more than pay lip service to Evangelicals for their votes. The two previous Republican presidents, as well as most of the failed Republican candidates for president, have been downright terrible for the cause of Christianity.

George W. Bush boasted of his “compassionate conservatism” on the campaign trail. To be fair, this was a more catchy slogan than, “Eskimos need abortions, too!” Then, in between giving speeches in which he called Islam a “religion of peace,” he was handing out grants to Native American tribes to open Planned Parenthood clinics on reservations and in remote Alaskan villages.

His father, George H. W. Bush, called for massive expansions to Planned Parenthood back in the 1960s (even prior to Roe v. Wade), in order to cut back on welfare costs. Killing the babies of the poor would be a boon to the taxpayer, don’t you see?

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