Brits of English Heritage Banned from Paid Training Posts … at English Heritage

Jack Montgomery, Breitbart


“We’re excited to offer a number of training placements for undergraduates or recent graduates (graduated within the last 18 months),” begins the advert, which is illustrated with a picture of a hijabi Muslim — before the kicker:

“If you’re interested in gaining skills and experience for a career in heritage and identify as having Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic Heritage or mixed heritage (jump to Background to find out why), please see how to apply below.”

The ‘background’ section of the advert explains how the Tory government published a Culture White Paper in March 2016 which “challenged Historic England and other nationally funded cultural organisations to develop and share strategies for improving workforce diversity.”

It explains how, “In response, Historic England developed a Workforce Diversity Strategy which has several strands of activity but one of the most significant is a new paid Heritage Training Placements scheme for undergraduates and recent graduates with Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic Heritage.”

The result is that the paid training placements — which are being offered not only at Historic England but also other public bodies including the National Trust, the Heritage Alliance, and English Heritage — are not actually open to applicants of English heritage.