The War on Christianity Comes to NYC

April 29, 2018

anti-Christian forces in America know no boundaries when attacking churches, religious institutions, people of Faith or their businesses. In this Fox News exclusive, the left-leaning publication known as the New Yorker puts a Faith-based business […]

Law & Order

Battle Against Leftist Obama Judge Rages On

April 29, 2018

The left continues to bully and coerce anyone in the way of implementing their radical agenda into every facet of American society. Our government agencies and courts are still full of appointees of the Obama […]


Sanctuary City Breaks Under Trump’s Pressure

April 29, 2018

After a settlement with the Department of Justice, the city of West Palm Beach, Florida has rescinded its sanctuary city status and will comply with requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This includes honoring I.C.E. […]