Jihad Expert: Stop Accepting Refugees – Europe Is Importing a Civil War

Voice of Europe

Palestinian-Belgian jihad expert Montasser AlDe’emeh has issued a serious warning to Europe. In Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf”, he states that Europe is essentially importing a civil war by admitting refugees.

AlDe’emeh believes that Europe’s politicians are naïve when it comes to mass-immigration, Islam and failed integration. He advises halting the influx of refugees, stating that Western Europe is “importing a civil war”, adding that “we first have to know what we need to do with the people who are already here”.

AlDe’emeh is no rookie; he has had extensive contact with Belgian and Dutch jihadists, and has even illegally travelled alongside such groups to Syria in order to conduct research.

As an Arabist and an expert on both Islam and jihadism, he has also worked for Belgium’s secret service, and discusses combining this with his role as a contact for jihadis in his new book ‘Dubbel leven’ (Double life). As he explains Europe’s growing problems, AIDe’emeh also provides possible solutions.

“Our Western societies are in danger because of a growing number of alienated people”. As someone who frequently works with school pupils in Brussels, he notes that “these children live here physically, but mentally they mostly live in the Middle Ages.”

AlDe’emeh advises parents to “prepare their children for living in our secular society”. According to him, they now live between two worlds, and in their quest for identity, children inevitably come into contact with radical Islamic ideologies.

With such ideologies at complete odds with much of Western Europe’s way of life being held by a growing number of Muslims across the continent, perhaps AIDe’emeh’s prediction of a civil war is not as unlikely as one might think. AlDe’emeh’s book is currently only available in Dutch.