Professor punished for saying her black students aren’t high achievers to receive ‘courage’ award

Amy Wax may have been marginalized at her law school, but she’ll be celebrated at an award ceremony Thursday.

The National Association of Scholars is honoring the University of Pennsylvania law professor “for her courage in the face of continued harassment for speaking uncomfortable truths.” She’ll receive the Peter Shaw Memorial Award, which recognizes “exemplary writing on issues pertaining to higher education and American intellectual culture,” according to the association.

Caving in to student activists’ demands, Penn Law stripped Wax of teaching her first-year classes after her claims came to light about black students’ academic performance, both in her classes and Penn Law generally. The law school has refused to provide allegedly correct figures.

She has been a national punching bag and Penn mob target for firing since last summer, when Wax co-wrote an op-ed that claimed “All cultures are not created equal” and praised the “bourgeois culture” of past decades.

Days after her recent punishment, Wax went back on the video show hosted by Brown University economist Glenn Loury – a critic of affirmative action – where she made her original comments about black student performance at Penn Law.

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