Is Giving a Tithe Still Relevant for Modern Christians?

Historically, believers would be required to give one-tenth of their income to the church. However, their income in those days was often not in the form of money as it is today, and was often agriculture or livestock. The debate in question today is whether or not this Old Testament practice is still relevant for today’s modern Christians?

Well, in short, yes and no…so let’s clear some things up.

How It Still Applies

The church is the hands and feet of Christ in communities across the nation. To be able to meet the needs in said communities, though, the body of believers has to be well funded. That is where this God honored practice comes into play as it was created for just such a purpose.

However, many believers want to pump the breaks and say, well Christians are no longer under the Old Testament Law that requires them to tithe. After all, Christians are no longer required to sacrifice a goat or dove for their sins, so why should they have to give a tenth of all they make to their church? This just happens to be a point Jesus addressed himself during his earthly ministry.

In Matthew 23:23, Jesus explains how it’s important for Christians to focus on justice, faithfulness, compassion and remain faithful in giving. There are also numerous occasions throughout the New Testament that endorse generosity. Add to this the fact that churches have to receive resources in order to be able to meet the needs all around them and one has a pretty good case for tithing.

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