Klayman Predicts Violent Revolution If Mueller and Co. Are Not Legally Taken Down Now!

It’s time that the persons most responsible for the jihad against President Donald Trump, his family and others associated with him be held to legal account. Some of these characters sit in high positions in our government and on the courts, while others slither around the political gutters of Washington, D.C. Indeed, there is an evil cloud hovering over our nation’s so-called capital, filled with the stench of hypocrisy, dishonesty and outright illegality that is snuffing out our body politic. If it is not quickly remedied, I predict that the republic has only years to continue to exist as we will collapse under our own weight of deceit, going the way of ancient Rome and Greece.

In this column, I will list these bad actors in order of importance. Through their actions and inactions, they should be the first to be among those traitors fully held accountable.

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