Leftists’ Fake-Hate Nooses Help Deliver MS Senate Seat to GOP Last Night

Malachi Bailey, Conservative Tribune, November 28, 2018

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith defeated her Democratic opponent, Mike Espy, in Tuesday night’s Senate runoff election in Mississippi despite questionable headlines coming from the establishment media relating to a left-wing publicity stunt involving nooses.


The establishment media’s original reporting of the nooses made it seem like a hate crime.

“Nooses and signs, some referring to the upcoming Senate runoff election, have been found on the grounds of the Mississippi State Capitol,” CNN tweeted. “A state spokesman says one of the signs read: ‘We are hanging nooses to remind people that times have not changed.’”

The tweet neglected to mention that the signs were pro-Democrat and the nooses were meant to paint Hyde-Smith as racist for a joking comment she made earlier this month about attending a public hanging.

While CNN’s article briefly mentioned the pro-Democrat signs, the wording of the tweet could easily lead a reader to believe they had been put up by racists trying to intimidate black voters.

NBC News sent out an even more deceptive tweet.

“Two nooses were found hanging outside the Mississippi State Capitol, along with signs that referenced the racially charged Senate runoff race on Tuesday.”

The signs show clear opposition to Hyde-Smith, who has been painted as a racist in recent weeks.

“Thousands of Mississippians will vote for a senator. We need someone who respects lives of lynch victims,” one sign read.

Fortunately, some keen Twitter users pointed out the media’s mishandling of the coverage.

Clearly, the fake hate didn’t work this time.

And given the slanted coverage the signs received — and Hyde-Smith’s comfortable margin of victory — it’s likely that the signs actually helped her spur Hyde-Smith supporters to turn out by reminding voters just how ruthless and deceptive the liberal-media alliance has become in trying to defeat Republicans and damage President Donald Trump’s legislative support.


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