#RemovalOfWhiteDolls Campaign Gains Momentum

Se-Ann Rall, MSN, November 29, 2018

Black Centric Forum is on a mission to remove white dolls from toy shelves across the country.

The organisation has called on supermarkets to remove the dolls from their shelves as they believed African children who played with white dolls did not embrace themselves as freely as they should.


The forum launched an online petition, calling for support for their mission.


Lairi said BCF believed that African children grew up playing with white dolls and this had a psychological impact on them later on in life.

“We find that dolls are more than just toys. There is a psychological impact on a child when they play. These children grow up playing with white dolls and are more loving towards them. Growing up, when these children come into contact with white people, they are more open and accepting of white people than they are of black people,” he said.


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