Trump defends Covington students, says they were ‘treated unfairly…smeared by media’

(LifeSiteNews) – Tonight, President Donald Trump tweeted in support of the Covington Catholic High School students “smeared by media,” noting early judgments about the kids’ encounter with a Native American activist were proven to be false.

The media, the Diocese of Covington and other Catholic leaders, left-wing and conservative activists, and even the March for Life itself condemned the “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing students for allegedly harassing a Native American man, a narrative forwarded by a short video of an encounter between Covington students and left-wing activists.

But a full video of the encounter showed a very different situation, with the older man confronting the students and other protestors calling them offensive slurs – and the students remaining calm and not returning the mistreatment in kind.

Trump joins pro-life Republicans Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Thomas Massie, both of Kentucky, in expressing support for the embattled students. A Polish lawmaker has invited the “wrongfully accused” students to address his country’s Parliament, too.


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