Nick Cannon on Interracial Dating: White Women Are a Status of Success

Moriba Cummings, BET, January 30, 2019


Most recently, Nick Cannon {snip} shared his thoughts on Black men who choose to date white women, exclusively. {snip}

In an interview with guest Rizza Islam, posted to his YouTube channel, the actor and comedian sought to explain why, in his eyes, Black women — described as the most oppressed and neglected demographic in America — are often overlooked by men of their own race.

“White women are looked at as success,” he said. “In America, we see a white woman — ‘I couldn’t have you. My daddy couldn’t have you. My granddaddy couldn’t have you. I would get killed even looking at you.’ So, now, if I play for the NBA, I want ’em all.”

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