Can Anyone Take AOC Seriously?

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, both affectionately and pejoratively known as AOC, is once again monopolizing the mainstream media with her mental meltdowns. Already known for her self-aggrandizing rants, replete with C-3PO like gesticulation, complete falsehoods, and devoid of any discernible logic, AOC is back at it. This time she has turned her trip to a border detainment facility into an attack on CBP officers and the border crisis itself with hyperbolic hysteria that could rival a high school student stood up on prom night.

This time, the congresswoman known for her staunch opposition to ICE and affinity for an open border policy has leveled some highly questionable, and extremely inflammatory, allegations against the Border Patrol agents manning the facility, as well as the facility itself.

AOC has claimed that officers have compelled detainees to drink from toilets and were treating aliens like animals. Further, she claims, absent any support, that these “brazen” officers physically and sexually threatened and tried to intimidate her. CBP has of course denied this version of events, stating that it was in fact AOC herself that was being abusive, “She comes out screaming at our agents, right at the beginning [of the tour] … Crying and screaming and yelling,” said one witness who said he was stunned by the outburst in front of approximately 40 people.”

Given AOC’s demonstrated history of an over-developed sense of self-importance and penchant for performances akin to a high school drama club, coupled with the fact that these were federal officers participating in a visit from a congressional delegation, which version of events seem more plausible?

These claims are coming from an individual harboring an open hostility toward ICE and CBP. A woman who abhors any form of border control. A member of Congress that equated the housing of illegal immigrants to the Holocaust. A Representative that voted against a bipartisan funding bill that would alleviate much of the financial constraints the border crisis faces and their subsequent effects. Not exactly an objective, reasonable, or reliable reporter of facts.

Let us not forget that this reasoning and these claims are coming from the same AOC that said unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. The same AOC that stated Congress wasn’t for working class people because she couldn’t get an apartment in D.C. until she got paid. Apparently, she didn’t realize that George Washington had to borrow money to attend his own presidential inauguration. This is the very same AOC that equated planting cauliflower to colonialism. Not a sane and rational person.

All of this begs the bigger question: Can anyone really take AOC seriously? She has demonstrated that she lacks the capacity for logic and reason. She carries such ignorance of, and hatred towards, the very issues she claims to be offended by. She formulates conclusions despite her want of reasoning and creates out of thin air ‘facts’ to support such pre-ordained conclusions.

What is fortunate for America but disastrous for the Democratic majority in the House is that AOC is their loudest and most public voice. The Democratic Party is inexorably linked to AOC and her public rants and hysteria. When middle America’s John Q. Independent walks into a voting booth in November 2020, ambivalent about each candidate on his ballot for Congress, the (D) next to a person’s name will not evoke thoughts of FDR or JFK but of AOC. This is destined to end the Democratic majority.

So, God bless AOC. Keep her safe. Keep her loud. Most importantly, keep her as the face of the Democrats right up to and through November 2020. But for the love of humanity, and the respect for rational thought, just don’t take her seriously.

*story by TownHall