The police have arrested dozens of Jews for taking a stand against Trump

Religious communities across the US have recently been standing up for people at risk from Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies. Jewish-Americans in particular have been consistently putting their bodies on the line to showtheir solidarity. And on 11 August, police arrested dozens of protesters in New York City as a result.

“We’re seeing parallels to 1930s Nazi Germany”

Thousands of Jewish Americans participated in protests across the US on 11 August to mark Tisha B’Av, a day of Jewish mourning. As +972 Magazinereported:

Hundreds of American Jewish demonstrators staged a sit-in at one of Amazon’s flagship stores in New York on Sunday, to protest the company’s ties to the big-data firm Palantir, which contracts directly with Immigration and Custom Enforcement [ICE] forces…

The protest, organized by a coalition of Jewish groups including T’ruah, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ), and Never Again Action, as well a number of synagogues, was organized in solidarity with immigrants threatened with deportation by ICE and who are vulnerable to attacks by white nationalist terrorists.

*story by The Canary