Biological woman who identifies as ‘queer male’ says desire to get pregnant hit only after hormone-aided transition to male

‘I was able to view my ability to carry a child as a super power’

In order to “engender empathy and understanding for people whose stories veer from the traditional, societally enforced narratives,” online magazine Mother told the story of Spencer Dezart-Smith and husband Kelly Dezart-Smith, both of whom identify as queer.

Thing is, Spencer is transgender and underwent hormone therapy and a double mastectomy over a decade ago and has “presented as 100% male ever since,” the magazine said, adding that Spencer specifically “identifies as a queer male.”

Soon the couple wanted to start a family, and Mother noted that “Spencer and Kelly could make a baby on their own, as Spencer was still physiologically equipped to get pregnant.”

‘I was able to view my ability to carry a child as a super power’

Spencer told the magazine getting pregnant wasn’t under consideration prior to gender transitioning, but “now that I felt so strong in my male identity and was being read as male exclusively, I was able to view my ability to carry a child as a super power that I was blessed to have. It was like the innately female ability to bear a child didn’t overpower the certainty I felt in my male identity. The two things could coexist without one cancelling out the other.”

So the couple got pregnant, Mother reported.

Spencer had to stop hormone treatment that offered “confidence and security of his identity” and proved “at times excruciatingly difficult,” Mother added.

The magazine also said that “while some of their struggles and experiences may seem radically different to some, their joys, fears, and hopes for their child and their future as a family are undeniably identical to those of any expectant parent.”

*story by The Blaze