Armed invaders forced their way into a Philadelphia man’s home, but then the homeowner’s dogs stepped in

According to multiple reports, armed home invaders attempted to break into a man’s house in the Fairhill section of Philadelphia on Thursday night. The invaders clearly had deadly intent, as one of them even shot the homeowner in the leg.

That’s when the homeowner’s three pit bulls stepped in, and likely saved the homeowner’s life.

According to WTXF-TV, the incident occurred on the 2000 block of North Reese Street just after 8:30pm on Thursday. According to police, two armed suspects attempted to enter a home. Police did not clarify whether they believed that the men had intent to rob the home or if they were there for another purpose.

However, according to WPVI-TV, the man clearly did not want these two men in his home, as he confronted them, with the aid of his three pit bulls. One of the suspects shot the homeowner in the leg and fled, but the man and his pit bulls tenaciously fought and held on to the other suspect until police arrived and took him into custody.

The homeowner was taken to a Philadelphia hospital where he is listed as in stable condition and is expected to recover. The suspect who was detained by the dogs (and ultimately the police) was also hospitalized for bite wounds he received from the homeowner’s dogs.

One suspect remains at large, and Philadelphia police are asking anyone who might have information leading to his arrest to call 215-686-TIPS.

*story by The Blaze