California Student’s Car Vandalized Over Pro-Second Amendment Stickers

A Sac State student said he’s dealing with vandalism and an attack on free speech — all over some bumper stickers. Someone decided to scratch profanities onto his car Monday in response to the stickers.

Jose Aguilar wasn’t able to park on campus, so he parked in a quiet neighborhood not far away, right in front of a church. Hours later, someone had keyed his car, scratching profanities and the word “killer” and “b***h”.

“I would never expect anyone to have that hostility towards somebody just expressing their opinion,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar is a big supporter of the second amendment and isn’t afraid to show it. One of his bumper stickers says “Control your kids, not our guns.”

“[I’m] just kind of perplexed that people would think that you’re a killer just because you are for guns; that’s not really what guns is about,” Aguilar said.

We talked to other Sac State Students about Aguilar’s stickers and the fact that his car was severely keyed.

Chris Lau said the stickers are easily offensive, specifically referring to one that read “If you don’t believe in the right to keep and bear arms, shut up and be a good victim.”


“I think people nowadays don’t know how to agree and disagree with different opinions. Just because you don’t agree with someone who’s pro-guns, doesn’t mean you need to act out like that,” Ward said.

Kellyn Skalko is a gun owner and co-owns The Guns Store in Sacramento. She said she’s been berated over the phone by people who disagree with what she sells.

“We can’t just exist anymore for reasons like what happened to this young gentleman,” said Skalko. “The retribution just for having our own beliefs.”

Aguilar is working on getting his car repaired. He said he also gets positive feedback for his stickers, but after all this, he’s planning on standing down.

“I plan on taking them off because I don’t want any more problems; I don’t want any more negative views,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar said he didn’t want to report this to police, primarily because there’s no video showing who may have done this.

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