Pittsburgh police investigate after American flags are destroyed at war memorial

Police are investigating after two American flags were destroyed at a war memorial in Pittsburgh, officials said.

On the early hours of October 15, “unknown people tore down two American flags at the Garfield War Memorial, placed them on the ground on a pile of leaves, doused them with lighter fluid and set them on fire,” according to a crime report posted Wednesday on the Facebook page of Pittsburgh Police Zone 5.

The Garfield War Memorial is a tribute to veterans of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

No suspects have been identified, according to Chris Togneri, public information officer with the city’s Public Safety Department.

Possible charges could include criminal mischief, dangerous burning and desecration of a flag, said Cara Cruz, assistant public information officer with the department.

Officials would not say whether the flags have been replaced.

*story by CNN