AOC calls Daily Caller ‘white supremacists’ during bizarre exchange with Mark Zuckerberg

On Thursday’s radio program, Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere discussed a bizarre exchange between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Wednesday.

Zuckerberg appeared before Congress to talk about his company’s plans to launch a new cryptocurrency called Libra, but the conversation soon turned into yet another opportunity for left-wing racist rhetoric.

Glenn played from the hearing in which Ocasio-Cortez can be heard asking, “Can you explain why you named the Daily Caller, a publication with well-documented ties to white supremacists, as an official fact-checker for Facebook?”

“Congresswoman, sure. We actually don’t appoint the independent fact-checkers. They go through an independent organization called the Independent Fact-Checking Network that has a rigorous standard for who they allow to serve as a fact-checker,” Zuckerberg answered.

“First of all, that’s not true about the Daily Caller,” Glenn said. “Now, think about this. [Ocasio-Cortez] is a congresswoman who is supposed to be knowledgeable about this topic. She’s on the committee, she’s questioning, and she doesn’t know that Facebook doesn’t name these [fact-checkers]. That is a very basic part of this that she should absolutely know before asking the question,” he added.

Glenn and Stu then highlighted a second heated exchange from Wednesday’s testimony, in which Ohio Congresswoman Joyce Beatty (D) called Zuckerberg’s lack of knowledge about civil rights “appalling and disgusting.”

Beatty, the vice chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, fired off a series of questions on Facebook’s approach to diversity and Zuckerberg’s knowledge of civil rights issues.

“It’s like you think it’s a joke, when you have ruined the lives of many people and discriminated against them. Do you know what percentage of African Americans are on Facebook, in comparison to majority folks? Do you know what the percentages are?” Beatty asked.

Zuckerberg answered that he did not know “because we don’t collect the races of people.”

“Well, it came out in a report in the Pew Research Center that was sent to you. So maybe you just don’t read a lot of things that deal with civil rights or African Americans,” raged Beatty.

*story by The Blaze