‘The individual has the right to protect themselves’ | Montgomery County official wants residents to keep their guns

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — A Montgomery County official is proposing a resolution to make the county a “gun sanctuary.”

Commissioner Charlie Riley said the purpose of the resolution is to maintain the freedom to keep and bear firearms as stated in the US and Texas Constitutions without the threat of adverse legal ramifications.

“Montgomery County is a firm believer in the Second Amendment,” Riley said. “We are a strong believer in that and we are not willing to let someone tell us that we need to confiscate guns, or to inventory ammunition or county how many people have ammunition or how many people have got guns. We believe we have a right to keep and bear arms and the Second Amendment gives that right, and that’s what we believe in.”

The resolution will be read aloud during Montgomery County’s Commissioners Court on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m.

According to a press release, if the resolution is passed, Montgomery County will join 11 other Texas counties who have already passed resolutions to become gun sanctuary counties.

*story by CBS Houston