Federal judge dismisses ICE lawsuit against NYC

A judge on Thursday dismissed a federal government lawsuit against New York City seeking information about two illegal immigrants accused of committing crimes — after the city said it handed over the requested info.

Brooklyn federal Judge Eric Komitee did not provide a reason for dismissing the suit, which argued the city was withholding information on the two men who were released from police custody despite Immigration and Customs Enforcement orders to keep them detained — including the man charged with killing 92-year-old “cat lady” Maria Fuentes in Queens last month.

But the dismissal comes just days after city attorneys filed a motion with the judge asking him to throw out the case — arguing it had already given ICE much of the information it demanded for accused killer Reeaz Khan and drug suspect Romero Ramirez-Macias.

“We have grave concerns that these subpoenas lack a legitimate purpose, and are instead a political stunt intended to intimidate the City of New York into changing its laws and policies on voluntary cooperation with immigration enforcement by exploiting tragic circumstances,” Corporation Counsel James Johnson said in papers submitted to Komitee.

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According to court papers, the city gave ICE information that was included in the two defendants’ arraignment paperwork, including their home addresses, dates of birth and “nativity.”

Neither of the alleged perps handed over a driver’s license or a passport, court papers state.

In a response to The Post, City Hall said the information ICE was seeking was almost all publicly available.

“As we continue conversations to ensure the protection of New Yorkers, we are providing the information to the US Attorney, pursuant to court action brought by their Office,” said spokeswoman Julia Arredondo.

ICE did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

*Story by New York Post