Man who transported undocumented immigrants to be deported

A man who was arrested in Delaware while transporting undocumented immigrants is being deported from the United States for the sixth time.

The New Journal of Wilmington reported Friday that a federal judge in Delaware sentenced Andres Andres-Juan to time served. He had been in custody for just over 14 months.

Andres-Juan was convicted of transporting 11 migrants he’d picked up in New Mexico. He’d been pulled over by authorities on I-295 south near New Castle in December 2018.

Court documents show that Andres-Juan made the trip because he was unable to fully pay his debt to coyotes from a previous trip across the border. So, he agreed to drive undocumented people into the northeast and south.

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Before that trip, records say that Andres-Juan had been deported five times since 2002.

*Story by Miami Herald