Alleged purse snatcher picks wrong woman to mess with — and pays for it with bite to the wrist, kick in the stomach before arrest

Sheriff’s deputies said that as a woman was walking home Tuesday night in Naples, Florida, a man ran up behind her and forcefully snatched her purse, WBBH-TV reported.

But he picked the wrong woman to mess with.

His victim put up a fight, biting his wrist to get the robber to stop, the station said. And when he didn’t relent, deputies told WBBH that the woman kicked her assailant in the stomach.

Turns out there was something of critical importance in the purse: Her anti-seizure medication, the station said.

What happened next?

As deputies were responding to the incident, her assailant threw the purse and ran, WBBH said.

Fortunately, the woman gave deputies a detailed description of the suspect, and just as she was giving her statement a K-9 found the suspect in a nearby bush, the station said.

And while the suspect wasn’t willing to come out, the K-9 was only too happy to persuade him by delivering a bite, WBBH noted.

The suspect — Jesus Gonzalez — was checked by EMS and taken to jail, the station said, adding that he’s facing charges of robbery by sudden snatching and resisting law enforcement.

Records indicate that Gonzalez, 20, bonded out of jail Wednesday. He’s scheduled to appear in court May 11.

Anything else?

One man reacting to the incident told WBBH, “People ought to be able to walk around at nighttime, and you’ve got these thugs out here wanting to rob somebody. We work hard for what we get … and it’s not right, you know?

*story by The Blaze