If anybody says immigration should be lower they’re ‘accused of racist dog-whistling’

Sky News host Peta Credlin says now is the best time for the government to come clean on the “ponzi scheme that is the use of our ever-increasing migrant intakes” to make the budget forecasts seem stronger. Record levels of immigration averaging over 220,00 a year since 2006 have “not just suppressed wages, but they’ve also helped price housing beyond the reach of many workers,” Ms Credlin said. “More people means a high GDP, but it does not mean a higher GDP per person, which is why so many workers and families in the middle, often feel they’re going backwards”. Ms Credlin said Labor frontbencher Kristina Keneally was right to point out, ever increasing levels of migration are “a lazy way to produce economic growth”. She said an immigration debate in Canberra is unlikely as anyone who suggests immigration should be lower rather than higher is “immediately accused of racist dog-whistling, by the politically correct”. Given Australia’s national borders are closed, doesn’t it present the government a very rare and “very unique opportunity to take a long hard look” at what level of migration is “sustainable” for the nation now and into the future.

*story by Sky News