They left a quadriplegic girl alone at a hospital. She chewed her thumb to the bone, cops say

Two caregivers are accused of leaving a mute and blind quadriplegic girl unsupervised at a West Palm Beach hospital.

Marcus Brown, 36, and Annette Slater, 33, were arrested Tuesday on child neglect charges for the alleged infirmary visit that occurred nearly nine months ago.

The two brought the 11-year-old, who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, to St. Mary’s Medical Center in early August, according to the arrest report. There, the staff noted that she only weighed 45 pounds and seemed to be only “skin and bones.”

West Palm Beach police say the girl also had contracted an infection from chewing her thumb, the bone of which had become visible when she was admitted. The thumb was later partially amputated.

“Witnesses stated that the victim appeared hungry all the time and bit her thumb as a result,” an officer wrote.

Department of Children and Families made multiple attempts to assist Brown with the doctor visits, however, he and Slater displayed an “utter unwillingness to cooperate,” according to the report. It was not clear how the couple are related to the girl.

The report also indicated that DCF investigated the girl’s well-being on several occasions since 2008 for potential problems involving family violence, medical neglect and substance misuse.

Police say the girl was turned over to the state.

Brown and Slater each posted their $5,000 bond Tuesday evening.

*story by Miami Herald