With vandalism and personal threats, protests have gone beyond ‘peaceful’

Just what is it going to take for the left and its media echo chamber to call out the vandals and violent bullies they pretend are merely “peaceful protesters”?

Yes, many George Floyd demonstrators are law-abiding, reject violence and simply want to exercise their First Amendment right to assemble and be heard. Good for them, whatever you think of their views.

Yet far too many are no more than brutes — bent on destruction, bullying and imposing their will by force.

And it’s not just those who provoke and attack cops (and others): Nearly 400 NYPD officers alone were hurt in the early days of the George Floyd “rallies.”

Occupy City Hall continues to hold ground it illegally claimed for itself until it was satisfied with NYPD funding cuts. Wednesday morning, OCH clashed again with police; one thug later went after a journalist. (At least OCH’s area isn’t Seattle’s CHOP, where four shootings left two dead. Not yet, anyway.)

Nor are the looters who pounced during the early chaos to enrich themselves while destroying hundreds of businesses (many owned by minority members and immigrants) the sole culprits.

Besides these goons are armies of the self-righteous, who think they now have a license to harass, vandalize and threaten. Those, for instance, who barraged City Council members with personal phone calls, text messages and visits to their homes. Speaker Corey Johnson says anti-police “protesters” even targeted his boyfriend, vandalizing his building — owned by a person of color.

Others have snatched police barricades and commandeered city streets, as well as splashing paint over statues and defacing public buildings — vandalizing memorials even when it has no rhyme or reason in relation to their supposed cause.

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system,” vowed New York Black Lives Matter head Hawk Newsome, who claims to seek “black sovereignty by any means necessary.”

Pretending protesters like these are “peaceful” is begging for more violence.

*story by The New York Post