New Angle of Jacob Blake Shooting Shows Struggle With Cops From Other Side

Jacob Blake was in some sort of a tussle with police officers before breaking free and trying to walk away … and before one of those cops fired 7 shots into his back.

New footage has emerged of the moments leading up to Blake being shot this weekend in Kenosha, WI — and it shows a different angle than the viral clip captured from a home across the street. This time, the camera’s rolling just a few yards away.

The angle depicts what was happening shortly before Blake stood up and walked around the side of his car and opened the door … and then ultimately getting fired uponat point-blank range. While it’s a bit hard to fully make out, you can clearly see a struggle between Blake and officers. Nonetheless, he’s unarmed and unthreatening as his back is turned to the cop who repeatedly shoots him.

The full official details about what led up to the shooting are still hazy, but it appears Blake was already involved in some sort of altercation with police. Reports say witnesses claimed he was breaking up a fight between two females, nothing more.

The officers involved have been placed on administrative leave while an investigation continues. Meanwhile, protests have erupted… and more violence has broken out.

Blake miraculously survived the gunshots, and is currently in critical condition in the ICU.

*story by TMZ