Tucker Carlson Repeatedly Mocks Whoopi Goldberg as He Responds to Call for Apology

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ended his show Friday night repeatedly mocking Whoopi Goldberg over her stage name.

On The View, Goldberg called on Fox News to apologize for the “nasty way” they treated Kristen Welker prior to the debate, singling out Carlson in particular. The president himself, a number of his supporters, and several Fox News hosts went after Welker and said she would be a biased and unfair moderator — but after the debate she received plaudits across the board and even the president publicly admitted she did a good job.

Carlson responded to Goldberg Friday night noting that his show didn’t go after Welker.

“No one here can remember ever mentioning Kristen Welker’s name on our air. We’ve never attacked Kristen Welker. Honestly, never wanted to attack her.”

“Some of the questions she asked last night obviously were loaded. She’s probably a liberal, but she’s far from the most unreasonable person in the media, not even close. In fact, by current standards, she did a pretty good job last night. She came off as more fair than some who have moderated debates, good for her,” Carlson said.

Carlson’s comments about Welker came in the middle of repeated mockery of Goldberg, which included mocking her for her stage name and making a point of referring to her by her birth name Caryn Johnson.

“Caryn Johnson is a former actress from the 1980s who now appears on a daytime entertainment show on ABC, often under the stage name Whoopi Goldberg,” Carlson said.

He mockingly said she “became convinced that people out there were being mean” to Welker and concluded the segment by saying, “Sorry, Caryn Johnson, you’ve got the wrong show. Call us when you’ve got a a Kardashian update. The original Karen, it turns out.”

In one show teaser for the closing segment, Carlson remarked, “On another network today, a woman using a stage name went after this show on the basis of false information.”

In another teaser, Carlson mockingly said, “Charges leveled by a person with a fake name. From Russia?”

*story by Mediaite