Welcome to Trump Town USA, where everyone loves Donald and no one’s a Democrat

There are more cows than ­people in the town of Miami, Texas… and you can count on one ranch hand the number who DON’T support Donald Trump.

From lawmen to teachers, farmers to office workers, virtually every man and woman is staunch Republican.

In 2016, 524 of the 550 voters in Roberts County, where Miami sits, went for The Donald. The 26 who didn’t became virtual pariahs.

Since then – despite four years of chaos and confusion across America – his popularity in these parts has grown.

The tiny band of Democrats in Miami, meanwhile, has dwindled – with two dying and one moving.

So welcome to Trump Town. Population 597, the city limit sign says, but there are a few hundred more when you include the outskirts.

It’s a place where a mere mention of Democrat rival Joe Biden is liable to get you run out of town by gun-toting folk.



But there is one person, a lone voice maybe, who won’t be backing Trump… and the Sunday Mirror found her.

Museum curator Susan Bowers, 43, was raised in a Republican household but switched allegiance when she studied in Amarillo and trained in social work.

She told us: “Trump is nuts. He boasts about promises made, promises kept? It is a complete joke. It’s sad. People here are very passionate.

“But it’s a lost cause trying to convince people Trump should not be in power.

“Passions here runs so deep. The sad thing is I have lost friends over this.


“I was like, ‘We are adults, we can have different views but we can still be friends’, but no. I feel like the black sheep of Miami. I say, ‘If you can’t vote for somebody, vote against them’ and that is what I am going to do.”

A teen shopper in a local grocery store hailed Susan as “a heroine” for having the courage to speak out. The 17-year-old girl said: “This town is deeply religious. She must feel like Daniel in the Lion’s den.

“It’s a lesson many should learn here how singular voices should not be silenced, but listened to.”

As she walked away, she added: “If my mom and dad were to hear me say that, I’d be grounded.”

Another woman, too scared to be named, holds even stronger views.

Of Miami – which is pronounced locally as My-am-uh – she said: “Everybody is against gays. Everybody is against blacks. It’s a very racist town. Most people here have never got out of Miami. If people walked out of here, they would get their asses kicked if they said the things that they did.”

Finding a Democrat supporter willing to be named was no mean achievement. When we told Chief Deputy Sheriff Gary McFall, 68, he scoffed: “Ha ha! He’s probably hiding in the trees. This is the most Republican county in the country and it’ll stay that way.

“Most folks here probably feel the same way Donald Trump does.

“He’s speaking for us. This is rural America. These folks see things differently. They are 100 per cent pro-gun. You may only find one or two that don’t but that is a big thing. It’s a big thing around here.

“They’ll fight for him in a minute, but they also don’t want the BS.

“I will be voting for Trump. No doubt. He is pro-law enforcement. That is number one for me. I think all the troubles are political.

“I think the Democrats are creating this to try to make Trump look bad. I listen to the news and I think there is a lot of BS out there.”

Family means everything to the locals. They see Trump as someone who puts them first, including Susan’s Republican-supporting mother Emma, 78.

She said: “I voted for Trump and I’ll vote for him again. There is only one man to lead America and that is Donald Trump.

“He is the only one who understands us. He speaks to us. He’s for us. Biden scares the hell out of me. He’ll give away the United States.

“Susan is not a Republican. Some of the people in her office, I think, turned her into a Democrat. She cares deeply about others.

“I may not share what party she votes for. It’s her prerogative. She can be whatever she wants to be, but she is still my daughter and I love her dearly.”

When asked to name any of the President’s achievements, Emma struggled to name one policy.

Instead, she said he was scapegoated for America’s failings. She went on: “Trump was blamed for the pandemic, he gets blamed for everything.

“Trump stands up for America. No one else does. Biden just scares me. He is not a businessman. He is not a man of faith. Biden is a womaniser.”



The profoundly religious former Vice President has been accused of being “handsy” around women. But when Emma was reminded of 26 allegations of sexual impropriety made against Trump, she brushed it off.

A majority of locals are connected to cattle farming, while others have office jobs or public sector roles in the nearby city of Pampa.

They feel Trump has put more pay in their pocket – despite many losing their jobs in economic turmoil caused by the coronavirus.

Critics, meanwhile, say Trump’s handling of the pandemic has been shambolic. More than 228,000 Americans have died, 8.6 million infected and unemployment has skyrocketed.

But even those facts fail to turn Miami voters against their man.

Vicki Ray, 58 – who lost her job as Covid took hold – believes the President handled the crisis well. She also backs his “big, beautiful wall” along the Mexican border – even though it has failed to live up to supporters’ expectations.

Vicki, a former cognitive intervention specialist teaching new thinking skills to prisoners, says: “Trump has accomplished so much despite how Congress and the Senate have let him down.

“A lot of times, he inserts his foot into his mouth before thinking, but that’s what makes him real. It makes him human.

“He’s not a politician – and that is why I voted for him and will vote for him. I think we need to get politicians out of Washington.

“Trump is not filling the swamp. It’s the idiot Democrat voters who fill the swamp. I don’t care how the wall gets done, I just want it done. I don’t have a problem with people coming here but I want them to do it the legal way.

“My tax dollars are supporting illegal immigrants, putting their kids through school, paying for their medical issues. It’s not right.”

Vicki justified Trump, 74, toadying up to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, saying he likes to “keep his friends close but his enemies closer”.

She added: “Russia would have much rather have Hillary Clinton in the White House than Trump. Hillary kissed Russia’s butt.”

Vicki’s views are supported by the majority in Miami, once home to a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

But with Biden, 77, ahead in the polls – and widely acclaimed to have won Thursday’s TV debate – it could be lone Democrat voice Susan who has the last laugh come November 3.

*story by Mirror Online