Anti-Vaxxers and Right-Wingers Shut Down Dodgers Stadium Vaccine Site

Dozens of anti-vaccination activists and right-wing protesters blocked the entrance of Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon as hundreds of people waited in line for the coronavirus vaccine, stalling the queue of cars and prompting the the Los Angeles Fire Department to close the mass vaccination site around 2 p.m. Authorities reopened the site around 3 p.m. The stadium shifted from providing COVID-19 tests to vaccination appointments roughly three weeks ago. German Jaquez, a man in line for an appointment that was canceled, told The Los Angeles Times that the protesters were telling drivers the coronavirus pandemic was not real and that the vaccine was the real danger. Video showed demonstrators holding signs that read “COVID=SCAM” and “Tell Bill Gates to vaccinate himself.” (Gates has vaccinated himself on camera.) According to one reporter on the scene, the organizer of the event referred to Bill Gates, a frequent target of anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, as “a satanic pedophile eugenicist.”

*story by The Daily Beast