Inside Antifa With Andy Ngo

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” The Post Millenial Editor-at-large Andy Ngo joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to offer insight into the rise of the “infamously secret” radical group Antifa and discusses his new book, which documents how the left-wing organization uses violence to “destroy democracy.”

“They don’t just attack different institutions or state buildings or people affiliated with the state, but law enforcement, politicians, and people who support a particular party,” Ngo said. “They systematically go after the founding ideals of the U.S. They believe it’s all linked to fascism, white supremacy, racism.”

Radical ideologies and teachings such as critical race theory, Ngo explained, play a large part in motivating Antifa’s destructive behavior.

“I think it’s really the rational, logical outcome of ideologies that many of them are introduced to, and that could be critical race theory and all that, which is all about deconstructing and dismantling systems of oppression. And they view the United States as a system that enforces oppression, not just here but around the world,” Ngo explained. “In every way, this is like an anti-government insurrectionary movement, but yet they’re not treated that way.” 

*story by The Federalist