NYC bail reform ripped after career offender attacks ‘hero’ subway employee: ‘This has to stop’

Transport Union Vice President Robert Kelley responds after a career criminal beats down a New York City subway worker, ripping the state’s new bail reform laws.

A city transit union official ripped New York’s bail reform policies on “Fox & Friends First” Monday after a repeat offender attacked a hero subway cleaner who tried to stop him from harassing passengers.

“This has to stop. The new bail reform must be changed,” Transport Union Vice President Robert Kelley told host Todd Piro.

“Time and time again, this guy shouldn’t have even been privileged to be under the new bail reform in terms of him being free.

“After 40 beatings, you’d think they’d lock him up and throw away the key,” he added.

Kelley relayed the struggle MTA employees continue to face in light of The Big Apple’s ongoing crime surge.

“I never thought I’d say this, but, at the end of the day, the MTA employees have a more dangerous job than the NYPD.” Kelley said. “At least they [the NYPD] have weapons to protect themselves… our members don’t.”

The worker, Anthony Nelson, suffered a dislocated nose and a broken collarbone and, according to Kelley, continues to suffer the mental effects of the ordeal as well.

The suspect Alexander Wright’s criminal history included a prior attack on a 55-year-old Asian woman and an alleged assault of two traffic agents, with a total of more than 40 previous offenses. Wright was arraigned last week and is being held at Rikers Island on $5,000 bail.

“[It’s] very disheartening,” Kelley said. “Mr. Nelson is clearly a hero.”

* Article from: Fox News