CNN guest who defended Atlanta’s violent protests promoted GoFundMe for alleged cop shooter

Social media users discovered that David Peisner, the freelance journalist who suggested on CNN that Antifa wasn’t using violence during the Atlanta riots, supported the violent protester at the center of the uproar.

Peisner originally faced intense online backlash after claiming that the fiery uproar seen in Atlanta over the weekend does not necessarily prove that Antifa members are violent.

“You keep using these words ‘violent, violent, violent, violent’… The only acts of violence against people that I saw were actually police tackling protesters,” Peisner said on “CNN Newsroom” Saturday.

Prior to his appearance, however, his Twitter account showed that he retweeted a GoFundMe page in support of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, who allegedly shot at Georgia state troopers.

“Please donate to the family of Tortugita, murdered by GSP for defending the Weelaunee Forest and fighting to #StopCopCity,” the tweet read with an image of Teran.

Protesters instigated a night of chaos upon the news that Teran was killed by the police after he allegedly refused to listen to demands from authorities and fired a shot against state troopers at the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center. “Totuguita” (“little turtle” in Spanish) referred to the name Teran went by with reports saying that Teran identified as a nonbinary person with they/it pronouns.

What began as a peaceful protest spiraled into several hours of destruction with protesters breaking several windows and setting a police car on fire. Atlanta police arrested at least six people.

Peisner also penned an article in memory of Teran titled “Little Turtle’s War” for The Bitter Southerner, casting doubt on the idea that Teran instigated the shooting.

“At the moment, I have no real information about the series of events that morning that led to Teran’s death. It is certainly possible that it happened exactly as law enforcement has described it, though it’s worth noting that in past killings by police officers — including that of George Floyd — the initial narratives provided by officials have proved to be erroneous. Some may point to the origin of Teran’s forest name as evidence of their violent intent, and I suppose that that could be true, but it would not square with the person I got to know over the past six months,” Peisner wrote.

He further defended Teran’s organization from allegations that members take part in violence.

“Some may consider property destruction in and of itself to be violent, but there’s been a real blurring of the lines between that looser definition of violence and the one that is aimed at actual people,” Peisner wrote.

Peisner faced further backlash upon the discovery of his previous support for Teran.

“Not sure why @CNN would accept commentary from a ‘journalist’ whose social media @DavidPeisner is filled with support for the domestic terrorist gunman who tried to kill a Georgia state trooper. In addition, he knew him personally & is helping raise cash for the gunman’s family,” journalist Andy Ngo reported.

The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller tweeted, “The ‘freelance journalist’ CNN put on the air is promoting the GoFundMe of the activist who shot the state trooper.”

“So much for CNN pivoting toward a ‘news network,’” OutKick writer Bobby Burack joked.Z

Radio host Jason Rantz wrote, “Also curious how CNN describes him as merely a freelance journalist. He appears to be a supporter of the guy who tried to murder a cop.”

* Article from: Fox News