Who is Brianna Kingsley? Transgender woman demands ex-boyfriend return surgically removed testicles

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN: In an astonishing turn of events, a unique legal battle has erupted in Michigan as a transgender woman has filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend claiming that the latter is withholding her surgically removed testicles, alleging that he has preserved them in a Mason jar inside his refrigerator. The unfolding legal drama presents a perplexing mix of claims, accusations, and contrasting narratives between the two parties.

Who is Brianna Kingsley?

Brianna Kingsley, a 40-year-old transgender woman, has filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, William Wojciechowski. The crux of the lawsuit centers around Kingsley’s claim that Wojciechowski is withholding her surgically removed testicles, alleging that he has preserved them in a Mason jar inside his refrigerator. The details of the case are outlined in an affidavit obtained by The Detroit News.


Legal maneuvers…

Kingsley lodged her claim, accompanied by the handwritten affidavit, at Michigan’s 50th District Court in Pontiac. The court office manager confirmed the receipt of the filing, further cementing the surreal nature of the case. However, Wojciechowski reportedly learned about the court filing only after he was contacted for comment on the matter. This revelation underscores the unique circumstances surrounding the lawsuit.

Disputing ownership and harassment allegations…
Wojciechowski contends that Kingsley retrieved all her belongings when they parted ways, implying that he has no obligation to return any items. He argues that the claims made in the lawsuit are a continuation of a campaign of harassment that he asserts Kingsley initiated after their relationship ended. Moreover, Wojciechowski asserts his intention to incorporate Kingsley’s latest legal move into his own ongoing legal actions against her.

To substantiate his harassment allegations, Wojciechowski provided evidence of a personal protection order he obtained against Kingsley in December 2022 from the Oakland County Circuit Court. This legal document prohibits Kingsley from purchasing firearms, having any form of contact with Wojciechowski, and interacting with him via social media. This order reflects Wojciechowski’s claims of sustained harassment and serves as a backdrop to the ongoing legal clash.


Kingsley’s legal history is also notable, as she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in 2020 for an incident that occurred in December 2019. During the altercation, Kingsley brandished a knife during a domestic argument with her roommate, another transgender woman. “In the kitchen, Kingsley grabbed a knife with a 6-inch blade and told the victim to leave the house,” police stated. “When the victim didn’t immediately comply, the suspect held the knife above her head in a threatening manner.” At the time, Kingsley had outstanding warrants for assault, obstructing police, and drunk driving, per the Royal Oak Tribune.

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