Detransitioner Says She Was Suicidal After Irreversible Damage From Doctors ‘Affirming’ Trans Identity

Detransitioner Morgan Keller said during testimony before the Ohio Senate on Tuesday she contemplated suicide after regretting a surgery doctors recommended to solve her gender dysphoria.

Keller spoke during testimony in favor of House Bill 68, known as the SAFE Act, which prohibits a doctor from performing a sex change surgery on a minor, or prescribe cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers in most cases.


“I’m 26-years-old and was trans-identified for five years,” Keller said. “In March of this year, after trying to ignore the doubt and regret that began to build around my transition, I woke up one morning with the realization that my trans identity was never about becoming my most genuine self or living my life authentically. Instead, it was a desperate last ditch attempt to become someone else, to escape my unidentified trauma and body and mental issues.”

Keller said she was in an emotionally abusive relationship and drinking “regularly” when she became “captivated” with the idea of being transgender. Keller also said she was quickly prescribed cross-sex hormones, and at 22 got a double mastectomy at the recommendation of an Ohio therapist.


“I feel like once I walked into that gender clinic, medicalization was the only option,” Keller told the Ohio Senate.

“When I realized that my medicalization was nothing more than a very elaborate placebo, endorsed by multiple medical professionals, I made the immediate decision to detransition,” Keller continued. “It was all over. I quit testosterone cold turkey and endured four of the most brutal months of my life.”

The Daily Caller interviewed several former transgender individuals for a recent documentary, “Damaged: The Transing of America’s Kids,” including Chloe Cole, Cat Cattinson and Walt Heyer.

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