Venezuelan immigrants wreak havoc on Chicago retailers

At least five immigrants from Venezuela were taken into custody in two incidents the weekend of Thanksgiving after allegedly robbing retailers in the Chicago suburbs.

The first incident occurred when three men robbed an Elmhurst Kohl’s of more than $500 worth of product, according to a report citing the state’s attorney’s office.

The three men arrested in this incident were identified as 37-year-old Ilys Mary Ledesma Zapata, 21-year-old Christian Johan Saavedra-Omona, and 33-year-old Braud Pineda Avendano. Reports indicated at least two of the men used a magnet to avoid anti-theft security.


That location was pillaged by two people, identified as 27-year-old Lenguieyer Guevara-Muro and 20-year-old Jinder Moises Angulo-Aparicio, with the two shoving at least $770 of product into a foil-lined bag before exiting the store.

Guevara-Muro fled the store with the merchandise and refused to halt when both an Oak Brook police officer and loss prevention officers approached him, police said.

After he continued refusal to cooperate, the man was taken to the ground and handcuffed, the report noted.

Angulo-Aparicio was taken into custody shortly thereafter without incident.


All five men are facing retail theft and burglary charges, but Guevara-Muro was the only suspect to be detained before trial, the report noted.

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