​Grimes says she’s “proud of white culture” after being labelled a “Nazi”

Grimes has responded to backlash after she was called a “Nazi” by critics, alleging to be a “human supremacist” who is “proud of white culture”.

The Canadian singer, DJ, and former partner of Elon Musk responded to critics on Twitter on December 31, sparking a debate about racism and white culture.

“I’m called a Nazi because I happily am proud of white culture,” she claimed. “But every day I think fondly of the brown king Cyrus the Great who invented the first ever empire, and the Japanese icon Murasaki Shikibu who wrote the first novel ever.”


Grimes quickly came into hot water for her comments, which she made in response to critics labelling her a white supremacist for reportedly liking Nazi memes on Twitter, according to Page Six.

In reply to a Twitter user labelling the singer a “white supremacist”, Grimes replied: “I’m a human suprematist – humans are amazing”.

“All cultures participated in horrible things and the industrialisation of slavery is arguably the worst of all, and arguably the cause of decline of *all* empires before this one,” she said in another post.

“That doesn’t mean there are great humans among us in the past and now. What do u say abt the African slave trade of Slavs? It’s racist to pretend whites have always been in power. All humans have contributed to our worst and best.”

Grimes was also accused of Western ignorance when she claimed, in another tweet: “[People] feel they cannot be proud, so I want to emphasise the incredible accomplishments of others and integrate them into Western education whilst allowing pride for white ppl accomplishments as well.”


Her comments come amidst a child custody battle with Elon Musk. In October, the singer claimed that Musk has refused her access to see their children, and is now suing over parental rights.

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