Cops arrest female suspected of brutally beating pair of women in store while crying child with attacker begged, ‘Stop it!’

Police have arrested a female suspected of brutally beating a pair of women in an Omaha, Nebraska, convenience store last month while a crying child with the attacker begged, “Stop it!”

Police told Blaze News they arrested Zarria Nichols, 26, on Friday in connection with the Feb. 16 attacks caught on surveillance video. Nichols was criminally cited for two counts of third-degree assault, two counts of criminal mischief, and one count of child abuse/neglect, police said, adding that all the charges are misdemeanors.

What’s the background?

KETV-TV reported that the suspect in the attacks entered the Mega Saver at 144th and Blondo Streets with a little girl just after 5 p.m. and requested “an iPhone charger.

The chargers were along the wall, the station said.

KETV said the suspect was there for a while, after which a conflict arose over buying the charger. “I’ll pay for it, that’s cool, but if it doesn’t work in my car, can I return it?” she asked, according to the station.

There was a mix-up, and the female got upset, KETV said. “I feel like I’m being discriminated because y’all think I don’t know what y’all saying, and that pisses me off,” the female stated, according to the station.

KETV indicated that the suspect started swearing, which upset a couple of customers, and a yelling argument ensued — and the little girl in pink with the suspect started crying.

Soon the female suspect physically attacked one of the women, hitting her in the face at least three times.

The station said the suspect yelled profanities at the other customer. The suspect loudly asked, “You wanna get smacked, too?”

With that, the suspect slapped the retreating customer in the head from behind and then shoved her into a display, after which the victim fell to the floor as items flew off shelves.

The suspect then walked over to the little girl, grabbed her hand, and appeared to begin to the leave the store — but she made a detour over to the victim she had just knocked to the floor and physically attacked her again.

As the crying little girl screamed for the suspect to “stop it!” the suspect attempted to stomp the victim, who had raised up her foot up to protect herself — and then the suspect walked out the door with the little girl.

But it still wasn’t over.

After placing the child in a car, the suspect actually came back into the store and went after the already beaten woman on the floor, who yelled out, “Oh no! Here she comes again!”

The suspect replied over and over, “What’d you say? What’d you say?” as she hit and stomped and threw objects at the victim’s head before finally leaving for good.

What else?

Police told Blaze News that several tipsters identified Nichols as the suspect, and she turned herself in after police ran video of the incident. While Nichols was criminally cited, police said she wasn’t booked into jail.

Police added to Blaze News that Nichols has a record consisting of various misdemeanor charges and traffic violations. Douglas County Courts told Blaze News that Nichols is scheduled for a May 3 hearing.



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