Pro-crime Dems want to feed law-abiding sheep to wolfish thugs

There’s no doubt that the American left backs the criminals, not law-abiding citizens — and expects the fools who follow the rules to pay up for the lawless.

Like wheelchair-bound Victor Silva, age 102, whose hometown — Oakland, Calif., a haven of disastrous woke politics that have driven crime skyward — ordered him to paint over the graffiti left on a fence by local thugs or face a fine.

That’s right: Roaming sociopaths commit a quality-of-life crime, and the victim has to pay — a perfect inversion of how things work in a functional city.


Her pro-crime spree has caused so much damage, it’s too much even for ultra-left California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who’s sending in state prosecutors to do what Price won’t.

The same story is writ large in the epidemic of squatting across America, where thieves take advantage of pro-crime “squatter’s rights” laws to steal whole homes out from under people’s noses.

In New York City, squatters become “legit” after 30 days — and if homeowners do anything to get them out other than a byzantine slog through the courts, the homeowners get punished.

Like Adele Andaloro, who was arrested after changing the locks to get sick squatter Brian Rodriguez out of the Queens home he’s trying to steal from her.

Mix that with another group of lawbreakers whom lefties love, illegal immigrants: Migrant influencer Leonel Moreno is telling his fans that taking over Americans’ homes is a great grift.


The only way out is through massive political change in November.

Absent that, the left will keep handing over the sheep while sobbing about all the injustice the poor wolves have to suffer.

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