MAGA White House Announces HUGE Immigration Overhaul

August 5, 2017

Speaking from the Roosevelt Room at the White House Wednesday morning, President Trump expressed support for the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act, RAISE, in an effort to shift America’s immigration system away from […]


Victims of Illegal Immigrant Crime Get a Voice

July 19, 2017

A diverse group of Americans whose loved ones are dead by the hands of illegal alien criminals had the opportunity to tell their stories in front of cameras from inside the White House just days ago when […]



April 30, 2017

Senator Cruz announced the EL CHAPO Act, a major step toward funding the wall and finally securing our border. The EL CHAPO Act provides that if El Chapo, the famed Mexican drug lord, is convicted, that […]


Trump’s Sanctuary City Shutdown

April 23, 2017

The Justice Department on Friday threatened to revoke certain federal grants from nine “sanctuary” jurisdictions if they fail to prove they are in compliance with federal immigration law. The department sent a letter to eight […]


21K Illegal Aliens Arrested Under Trump So Far

April 23, 2017

According to newly released statistics by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), originally requested by The Washington Post, arrests of illegal aliens increased 32.6 percent during the first several weeks of the Trump Administration. Immigration and […]