Obama National Security Advisor Tweets Something RIDICULOUS About The Iran Nuclear Deal And North Korea

As tensions continue to escalate over North Korea’s pursuit of more sophisticated nuclear weapons and missile technology, Obama National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes took to Twitter to pat himself and President Obama on the back for their ill-conceived and massively dangerous Iran deal:

Every day, the situation in North Korea makes clear just how preferable it is to have the Iran Deal in place

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) April 18, 2017

Never mind the fact that Rhodes bragged about lying to members of the media for years about the origins and development of the Iran deal, telling the world that Iran had moderated when in fact they had done no such thing. Focus in on the tremendous, obvious ignorance of Team Obama on foreign policy. Here’s the reality: what led to the current North Korean situation was precisely the same foreign policy Rhodes pushes regarding Iran. For two decades, the United States attempted to pay off North Korea to prevent them from going nuclear.