Angry atheists are trying to ban the Bible in the military

The vitriolic, anti-Christian Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) – which calls the Bible a symbol of “religious oppression” – has demanded that Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals and military bases ban the Bible from displays honoring veterans.

They’re even tried to ban Bibles – placed by the Gideons – from VA hospitals.

Honoring the faith of our soldiers doesn’t violate the Constitution. Banning the Bible dishonors their service to our nation and targets Christian soldiers as second-class citizens.

MRFF extremists call Christians in the military “monsters who terrorize” and constantly attack the religious liberty of the brave men and women in our Armed Forces.

For years, the ACLJ has successfully defended religious liberty in the military and defeated MRFF and other angry atheist groups.

We’re fighting back again. We’ve sent critical legal letters to the VA, but our military heroes need your voice now.

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