The War on Christmas Is Real, Alive and Well

December 11, 2017

President Trump promised to end the war on Christmas. He said he would make it ok for Americans to be Christian and celebrate their ultimate holiday. While he is keeping his promises, it’s ultimately not […]


Media Silent About Pence’s Bible Study

August 5, 2017

Sure, every time someone in the Trump administration does anything remotely objectionable, the media will jump all over them. Remember CNN’s breathless bulletin that President Trump got two scoops of ice cream and everyone else […]


Pro-Family Values DESTROYED!

June 4, 2017

The headline you could see if the Homosexual Lobby’s Gay Bill of Special Rights (H.R. 2282 & S. 1006) becomes law. And the deadline for Public Advocate’s Pro-Family Emergency Defense Fund to stop this radical […]