The War on Christianity Comes to NYC

anti-Christian forces in America know no boundaries when attacking churches, religious institutions, people of Faith or their businesses. In this Fox News exclusive, the left-leaning publication known as the New Yorker puts a Faith-based business in its crosshair as the war against Christianity ramps up in New York City.

In a clear case of anti-Christian rhetoric the New Yorker proclaims “the popular fast-food chain Chick-fil-A is yet again the subject of horrible personal attacks. The publication calls the recent opening in the Big Apple a “creepy infiltration of New York City.”

The fast-food chain has been a favorite target of secular and atheist organizations who are perturbed by the fact the business closes on Sundays to honor the day of rest and give employees time to attend services. Much to the chagrin of anti-religious zealots, Chick-fil-A continues its rise in popularity throughout the United States and individual restaurants have been ranked as top earners in the industry. In New York City, a chicken sandwich is sold every 6 seconds!

The Fox News video invites CBN Host David Brody on the air to defend why the traditional Christian brand continues to appeal to broadly appeal to Americans. Brody goes on a tear, pointing out the multitude of hypocrisies used by the New Yorker in an attempt to denigrate the faith-based business and drive a wedge between chicken sandwich eaters and the latte crowd.

Take a few minutes and find out the full breadth of the assault The New Yorker makes against this business and the horrible things they have to say about Christians.

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