‘Look at this f—ing white guy!’ bigot yells before brutally attacking man pizzeria

A bigoted attacker screamed anti-white statements at a man sitting in a Bronx pizzeria, then punched him in the face and fractured his eye socket, cops said Wednesday.

The 59-year-old victim was sitting at a table in Ray’s Pizza on E. 138th St. at St. Ann’s Ave. in Mott Haven Oct. 6, using his laptop, when another man stormed in and started yelling, police said.

“Look at this f—ing white guy! These f—ing white people think they own the world!” the man bellowed. The victim tried to leave, but the man blocked his path, then punched him in the face, hitting him hard enough to fracture his eye socket and tear his retina, cops said.

The victim, Chris Bilcik, told NBC 4 he’s lived in the neighborhood for 18 years.

“He turns around, he starts pointing to me. He’s talking to the people at the table, just rattling on about how ‘White people are the devils are the world, I hate white people, we should get rid of white people.’

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